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There are four exams you are required to pass to earn your OUPV Inland Great Lakes - 6 Pack Captains License. If you fail one exam module, you can retake that exam two more times. If you fail the exam a third time, you will be required to repeat the class. This is the National Maritime Center's directive. Rules of the Road (30 questions): Need 27 correct. Plotting (10 questions): Need 7 correct. Navigation General (20 questions): Need 14 correct. Deck General, Safety, and Environmental (60 questions): Need 42 correct. If you follow along in class and do a little added studying at home, you have a high percentage of passing these exams the first time.

Price $850.00

NMC approved courses for Explorers Guide LLC and taught  by Nautical Elite, LLC

The USCG-Approved OUPV class for Captains License for Inland & Great Lakes lets you take 6 passengers for-hire, plus crew, on your vessel. It was designed specifically for Captains working and boating on either the Inland or Great Lakes, and focuses on what you actually need to boat on these waters. Simplified plotting and no International Rules makes both the learning process and the exams less stressful.

Scheduled OUPV class Classroom are held at the Georgia Highlands College Campus, Clarence Building

Cartersville, Georgia 

Please visit our Application Help page for detailed requirements for obtaining your desired captains license. PLEASE NOTE: If you take this class and do not have the required sea service time for the Great Lakes route, your license will be approved for the Inland route. If, in the future, you want to upgrade to Great Lakes route, you will be required to reapply for for a change in route.

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USCG-Approved OUPV Class for Inland/Great Lakes Captains

No International Rules to Learn
30 vs 50 Questions on Rules Exam until Jan 1, 2018
Simplified Plotting - Ideal for Inland Waters