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NMC approved courses for Explorers Guide LLC and taught  by Nautical Elite, LLC

6-Pack Requirements Near Coastal

Nautical Elite Services 

OUPV Near Coastal - This license also requires at least 360 days experience in the operation of vessels, 90 of which must be gained outside the Boundary Lines.

90 of the 360 days must be in the last 3 years. Experience gained prior to the age of 14 will not be counted. This license is good on vessels to 100 gross tons and out to 100 nautical miles. NOTE: Experience can be counted on your own vessel. A letter and proof of ownership are required. Experience on other persons' vessels can also be counted however, a letter from the owner to a sea service form signed by the owner must accompany the application verifying experience claimed and vessel details.

Requirements For All Original Licenses

Physical taken within 12 months
Approved drug test taken within 6 months
Approved CPR and First Aid taken within 12 months

USCG OUPV (6-PAK) Tuition is $850.00 (It will include all materials, instruction, testing fees)
Subject topic modules may be taken by themselves as 1 day course without taking the whole curriculum at a tuition rate of $150.00 per day (includes that modules materials and text information). This applies to those people studying on their own for the USCG exam and need a little help with, example, to take attend the 'Rules of the Road' session.