NMC approved courses for Explorers Guide LLC and taught  by Nautical Elite, LLC

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Captains License 6-Pack, OUPV, Masters 100 Ton, Master Upgrade, OUPV to 200 Ton Mate, Assistance Towing, Auxiliary Sail.

With our Captain's License classes, you can transform your passion for the water into an exciting on-the-water career.

Nautical Elite Services, LLC offers USCG approved captains license courses for all mariners, whether you're new to the marine trade or a seasoned boater. We understand the adult learner and will work with you so that you successfully understand and complete the course material to get your credentials. 

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OUPV Course held twice a month
Remember that you will test with us after each class.  
No need to test at the Coast Guard testing center!

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Get your Captains license today!

​Nautical Elite Services provides US Coast approved classes to help you get it done